Free quick credits with no payroll or paperwork

After several years as a leader in the fast credit sector in the north of the European continent, the lender Nice bank comes to Spain with the intention of leading the sector here as well. And for the moment it is on the right track, since with its extraordinary offer of free loans for new clients, it has become one of the main providers of this type of short-term financing.

Able to request a first microcredit

Able to request a first microcredit

The offer, which has meant a real revolution in the sector, consists of new users being able to request a first microcredit of up to $ 300 free, without paying interest or commissions. As you hear, there is no trick, you ask for 300 USD and you return 300. It is a strategy to attract new clients so effective that there are already other companies that are starting to do the same.

In addition, Nice bank is the fast loan company that currently grants the most amount, since from the second loan you can request up to $ 1,000, when the others grant at most $ 600. The period available to return the money varies between 7 and 30 days, although it is possible to extend the time if we do not have the money available at the end of the term.

Free money without payroll in a few minutes

Free money without payroll in a few minutes

As if the offer of 300 USD free on the first credit were not enough, with Nice bank it is also possible to get money without having regular income, be it self-employment income, a payroll, unemployment benefit or a retirement or disability pension. On the other hand, if we do not have income, we may be asked for a small guarantee that covers the possibility of default.

And is that the requirements necessary to get a microcredit are very few. You have to reside in Spain legally, providing a DNI or NIE, not appear in any delinquent registry and be over 21 years old. You must also have a bank account to receive the income. If everything is correct, we can have the money in a few minutes, according to our bank.

You already know, if you want quick money for an emergency or an invoice that cannot be delayed, take the opportunity to get up to 300 USD for free. And, if you need to request new credits, remember that they should not be used as the usual form of financing, since the associated costs can be quite high.

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