A vacation right here, right in your wallet of the void, and the media are attacking you with low-interest rate loan ads?

Before borrowing money, read the Jessica Brown credit ranking, which will show you the total cost of the loan. According to our calculations, the wrong choice can cost you over USD 2,000!

As many as five banks in our ranking offer borrowers a lower interest rate than the winner of our ranking, Good Finance, despite this, the bank’s offer is the most advantageous for all borrowers. And what offers are we talking about?

USD 15,000 net with repayment spread over 36 months and equal installments for a family of three with a monthly income of USD 4,608 net – information on such loans for the last two weeks was collected by experts from the financial comparison service Jessica Brown. The banks prepared calculations for both internal and external clients.

Internal customer loan


Customers of Good Finance, Cooperative Bank, and Honest Bank have reason to be happy, it is these banks that will borrow USD 15,000 the cheapest.

Good Finance, the winner of the June ranking, will grant a loan of 7% interest rate and zero commission. Customers of this bank will pay USD 463.34 a monthly installment for 36 months, i.e. they will refund the bank a total of USD 16 680, which means that the cost of the loan will not exceed USD 2,000. USD (they will amount to USD 1 689).

Less than USD 15 more will have to be paid back by Cooperative Bank customers whose budget will be charged with an installment of USD 485.39 per month. Although the lender will charge interest based on a lower interest rate than Good Finance – only 3.90 percent. per year, unfortunately it will charge a considerable commission – as much as 8.90 percent. amount borrowed. All this means that the loan costs will reach USD 2,474.

The top three closes with Honest Bank, which by borrowing USD 15,000 will charge 7.99%. interest rate and 5% commission. The expenses that the bank’s customers will have to face are USD 2,764 in total loan costs and USD 493.43 in monthly installments.

Santander Consumer Bank and Crédit Agricole Bank Polska customers should also be interested in your bank’s offer, these are the last offers in our ranking where the cost of credit will not exceed 3,000. USD and will amount to USD 2,940 and USD 2,964 respectively.

The highest loan costs will have to be borne by the clients of the last three banks in our ranking. At F-Mobile Max Signal, Plus Bank and Bank GFI they will exceed USD 4,000.

Loan to an external customer


And what does the offer for external customers look like? No change in first and second place. Good Finance and Cooperative Bank offer the same conditions to internal customers and external customers.

Which means that by borrowing in the first one, customers will pay USD 463.34 of a monthly installment, and for a total of 36 months they will return USD 16 680, while in the second one they will pay – USD 485.39 and USD 17 474 respectively.

Santander Consumer Bank was promoted to third place, offering better conditions to external clients. He replaced in this place Honest Bank, which with its offer for external clients fell to fifth place. People who decide to get a loan from a bronze medalist can count on 3.99 percent. interest rate and 9.80% commission. This will translate into USD 490.90 of monthly installment and USD 2,672 of total loan costs.

At Good Finance, Honest Bank, Cooperative Bank, and Thrift Bank, the total cost of the loan will not exceed USD 3,500, it will be USD 3,123, 3,291, 3,314 and 3,371, respectively.

At GFIC, F-Mobile Max Signal and Plus Bank, the loan costs will exceed USD 4,000!


A cash loan is a good way to get extra cash quickly. However, you should remember that the bank will never lend us this money for free, and the low-interest rate will not always translate into low credit costs, so instead of believing the ads, you need to carefully analyze all the parameters of the given offer or look at our monthly ranking.

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